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A comprehensive series of Māori language textbooks for
adults and teenagers from beginner to advanced.

Māori Language Textbooks

Each chapter of the student textbooks focuses on one main area of language and contains the following…

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John C. Moorfield

  • Dialogues or texts of interest to adult learners. Each of these contains a limited and manageable amount of new language. Authentic texts become increasingly important as learners work through the series. These have been selected as models of quality language.

  • New grammar and usage contained in the dialogues and texts of each chapter are explained, with examples.

  • Extra vocabulary.

  • Listening and speaking exercises using the audio podcasts and videos. In Te Kākano there are also special exercises which focus on pronunciation.

  • Writing, reading and speaking activities.

  • A list of books on te reo Māori and second language teaching.

John moorfield 2020 09 09 062938 1

John C. Moorfield

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